About Us

TRANSISI TEKNOLOGI SDN BHD, A technology company located in Kuala Lumpur, the heart of MALAYSIA. Established in February 2017 by a like minded individuals who has been in the IT market as industry expert for more than 15 Years. We are undoubtedly young but that does not mean we are not here to compete. In an era where age does not matter we provide solutions that are at par with all the "Big Boys". 
We were established to pave the way to the future for your business. Our tagline "SKETCHING TRANSFORMATION" means that we will do our very best to guide and expose you with the latest technology. Our in-house expertise constantly doing extensive research on the latest technology in the market. We will be the "LAB RAT" trying out all the new technology and we will share you what worthy and whats not. Our mission is to be a "GO-TO COMPANY" in your IT transformation as well as Cloud Evangelist.