Our Services

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Why Us?

Backed by vast knowledge with more than 10+ years experience while working with one of the largest technology company. Our team are among the elite group of industry expert focusing on mid to hig-end solutions. A group of individuals who has tasted the early days of IT era when it was a lot complicated back then. Grooming ourself along the way to adapt with today's fast evolving technology. We offer our years of experience to consult you with the very best solutions. 

What We Offer?

The Truth. We are not tied to any products nor brands. We will provide an unbiased opinion based on your needs while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while giving you the best Return Of Investment (ROI). We are not a specific product worshipper we just simply carries only the very best in the market. We will be with you in your shoes tackling every obstacles and be happy for you when you succeed in your business goal. 

Our Services

  1. Cloud Solution
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and AliCloud is among our solutions. On-prem, Off-Prem, Hybrid or Non-Hybrid according to your needs. In partnership with few local cloud provider in Malaysia.
  2. Enterprise Solution
    Industry standard solution of all the major brands HP, IBM, ORACLE, DELL-EMC, NETAPPS, and etc. Complete solution including compute, storage, network,backup and software.
  3. Virtualization Solution
    VMWARE, Hyper-V and KVM is on our virtualization lists. World top 3 virtualization solutions expert.
  4. Managed Services
    Managed services for all of our products. You do not have to know all to own all. Let us be your driver you just guide the way.
  5. Leasing Services
    Various leasing programs according to your enterprise needs. Any hardware related to your IT needs we have a solution for it.
  6. Legacy Services
    Supporting all legacy products from major brands. Hardware, Operating System and Software.